Marijuana Legalization- Business, Law, and Economics

Cannabis Policy Adviser is devoted to information and data about marijuana legalization. We cover topics that are relevant to regulating an efficient and responsible industry. We also explore issues that are important to a concerned public, such as what are the rules for safe use and possession, and what scientific or economic data even supports legalization in the first place?

Here’s what you can find:

business growth regulation industry marijuana
Smart policies and law: rewards increase over time.
  • Database of marijuana businesses- Search our directory of state-licensed cultivators, processors, and dispensaries to find information about facility locations, products, owners and managers, and company news.
  • Nation and state law summaries-¬†Every nation makes its own law for regulating or prohibiting cannabis, and the same is true for every US state. More and more jurisdictions around the world turning to regulated markets for medical or recreational cannabis. Our jurisdiction pages analyze each jurisdiction’s method of regulation so they can be easily compared and contrasted.
  • Health Care Issues-¬†Legalization puts health care in paradoxical situations. Hospitals and physicians worry about legal liabilities if they even talk to patients about cannabis, let alone enable them to start using it. Yet there are cases where cannabis is the treatment likeliest to cause the best outcome for a patient. We explore the boundaries of law to help patients and physicians find information that can help them make better informed decisions.

Laws and Regulations

Legal Frameworks for Regulating Medical Marijuana Industries

  • Legal summary and analysis: Policy documents in all jurisdictions and levels of government.
  • Licensing frameworks: Rules, timelines, and geographic conditions for obtaining a license to produce, process, and sell cannabis.
  • Non-commercial effects on society: Rules governing the patient registration, the physician-patient relationship, safe use and possession, and issues at school and on the job.

Company Names, Locations, Background Information

Directory of Businesses, other Helpful Industry Resources

Information about companies licensed to produce and sell and cannabis in a jurisdiction:

  • Dispensary
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Security
  • Sales, marketing, advertising, PR
  • packaging, labeling
  • laboratory analysis testing

Careers, Economics, Investing

Economic Impact Data: Jobs creation, tax revenue, opportunities

What are the benefits that inure to the public welfare and personal health with a government legalizes cannabis production and sale? We highlight this sort of information and help you find it. This includes:

  • jobs creation numbers
  • state and local government tax revenue
  • associated crime
  • effects on nearby residents, businesses, industries

Job creation is a major benefit enjoyed by city and county governments when cannabis industries become regulated. New licensed growers and dispensaries hire workers from the local community to help run operations. They are reliable jobs that employees find highly satisfying.

  • Know when and where cannabis companies are hiring.
  • Know what kind of jobs and other opportunities are available.
  • Know how to maximize your chances of getting hired.

Financial information:

  • Publicly traded companies and index funds
  • Stock movement and operational performance
  • Market risks and other data

Health Care Policies

Implications for Hospitals, Nurse, Physicians, Nursing Homes, other Health Care Facilities

  • Part of solution to American opioid epidemic and addiction.
  • Legal rules for certifying a patient to use medical cannabis.
  • Legal rules covering the use and possession of cannabis at hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.
  • Medical efficacy research studies and other relevant scientific resources.